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Com 416 



International Business & Marketing Student.


Olivia Silver

Communication and Public Relations Major




This is where I will be blogging all of my LEAP assignments 

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Education & Experience

Look Who's Back Entry 

Prompt: What scene or moment in the film was most impactful for you?


The most impactful scene for me was when Sawatzki came at Hitler with a gun during his meeting. Sawatzki then took him into an elevator where Hitler explained how his propaganda never fooled anyone back in 1933 and it does not fool anyone now. When they arrived on the roof Hitler was saying he is not a monster and the people who elected him into his position are ordinary people who at “their core” are just like him. This impacted me because at the end of the day people may follow others and use their “propaganda” to enact their reasoning behind their motives. But in the end it really is themselves making these choices and using others to fall back on in case their claims do not go as planned. Even if history repeats itself and these people make the same mistakes over again they do not want to own their faults. They still need the fall back on someone else or something else to make it seem like they were manipulated into doing their own demise. People need someone or something to blame to make it look like they are not “evil” for owning their personal beliefs.

Bad News Blog

The Bad News game had really opened my eyes to what fake news does to credibility as well as factual information. Not only does this game give you the chance to learn about how fake news gets out there it shoots down the chance of a real news story being believed over something that is fake. This game extended my knowledge over the topics of fake news, and being given mis and disinformation. This is showing that the real life fake news people believe will showcase the horror that is actually true. What I had noticed myself as a player in order to maintain credibility you needed to stay on the same wave length of your topic. Like if there was a story I was telling the next response to it could not be too overly exaggerated because then it draws too much attention. You need to keep it very leveled in what you are lying in. I also liked how the game gave you insight to what making each decision would do and how fast you can lose credibility! You really see how one small tweet taken the wrong way could make you lose a thousand followers and how a meme can give you up to several hundred.  

Awards & Interests
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