The author of the example work of propaganda is actually Dr. Seuss. There is a children's book written by him and a recent animation film called The Lorax based off the book as well. This particular example is from the written book itself, but it also has a version from the movie that mirrors this exact image. The example is the lorax himself standing on a tree stump talking to the unofficial main character who is also the narrator and storyteller to this little boy named Ted throughout the book and film. The lorax is stating, “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” The organization that produced it is actual Dr. Suess and his publication company and also when the movie adaptation came to theatres a whole other generation of children as well. The story itself shows children propaganda in a way they can understand how actions will impact their everyday lives.

This was produced first through literature in a children’s book which normally would be read to children at Dr. Seuss day at school or through their parents at bedtime. Then in 2012 there was a film made to recreate the book in a visual aspect to engage children in with bright colors and emotional pulls through the characters in a more in depth way that a book could not provide. ​

The purpose of this piece was to bring awareness of the environmental problems we face when cutting down trees and other forestry and the impact it has on the animals and world around us. It also when you grow up and reanalyze this work shows us how much an impact it has in everyday life. When your actions are the result of the world and when you get older you realize that not only the environment is in danger of not getting better, but the whole world in every aspect will not get better unless you do something to make a change

The target audience for this piece is absolutely children. However there was children like myself that read the book in younger years. Now with the movie out it targets children who are no longer read bedtime stories or have access to these books. This also gives way for generations of children to see this movie and even more versions of this movie to come out in say 10-20 years. Even as an adult reading this or watching the movie with your own child you can reflect on such an important piece of propaganda due to the environment and your own way of living.

The production technique they used was active emotions. In this particular case this impacts children, also known as the next generation, emotional appeals. If they can relate on an emotional level and selfishly agree what is happening then they can make a change.

I think using the emotional appeal towards a young audience will give a more lifelong impact. Especially in propaganda where it is normally in the moment changes need to be made and this is something that will resonate with children into their adulthood and being able to pass these lessons onto their children. ​What is being represented here is the environmental issues that the world has and how when we cut trees down it destroys more than the eye can see. It causes greater damage to wildlife and to the world itself creating less oxygen for the world. ​

Different people many interpret this message in a few ways. They will either view it as an environmental movement in ways to fix the growing environmental issues. Other people may view it as a bigger picture than just the specific issue of the environment. People may go and think that we need to make all changes in our lives. Bigger changes in our lives like all actions big or small will have consequences and rewards.

What is omitted would be the fact even if you make changes and even if those changes are for the better to the environment and to the world, you will not see results overnight. This will take time and energy as an active effort put forth to build something that will make the change. It omits the fact a person make do things day by day, but it will take the whole world to really make the difference.

This may be harmful to the bigger corporations who endorse the cutting down of trees and making the environment worse. When people start to protest these rights and acts than it will worsen the overall impact on the corporation. It will however benefit people of the world because like it or not we will need trees to produce oxygen and clean air and homes for animals in order to survive.